My SAR Assist

What is My SAR Assist?

My SAR Assist is a mobile companion app to SAR Command Assistant

The primary purpose of My SAR Assist is to facilitate sign-in-by-barcode for tasks, especially mutual aid tasks. Users of the mobile app can enter their relevant information and use it to generate a sign-in or sign-out barcode. If the ICA computer is equipped with a barcode reader, it can be used to sign in or out with a quick “Boop!”

Mutual Aid

Where My SAR Assist can really shine is on a mutual aid task. Since you entered all the pertinent information into My SAR Assist, it is all embedded in that fancy QR code you generate.

That means when you “Boop!” to sign in on your mutual aid task, the command team will automatically get your name, group, address, emergency contact, and your qualifications!

As a command team, this means you can easily see how many trackers, managers, or swiftwater members you have available to you, without having to go through all those tedious paper forms (just kidding paper forms, we love you ICS 211).