Examples of Work


BC Search and Rescue Groups

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We've had the pleasure of making websites for several of the 80 volunteer SAR groups throughout the province of British Columbia. As a donation-funded, volunteer organizations, SAR groups typically want a web solution with a minimum of cost and ongoing maintenance needed, but one that still looks good and drives traffic to their key pages.

These websites were created using WordPress, which allows designated administrators the ability to post news items or make other changes to their site without advanced computer skills or ongoing costs.

EDU Realms

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EDU Realms is a system designed to improve student interest and participation in the classroom through gamification. It focuses on skills that are not (or rarely) evaluated such as attendance, teamwork, asking and answering questions and organisation. EDU Realms uses some of the motivational concepts from computer games (from World of Warcraft to Angry Birds) to encourage and reinforce positive classroom behaviours and dynamics. It encourages friendly competition between classmates and helps create a stronger sense of community in the classroom. EDU Realms is also designed to help teachers track and assess Learning Skills based on the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

This site allows students, teachers and administrators to log in and access a variety of features including granting XP, viewing achievements, updating profiles and customizing characters. The site was created using C#/.NET, JQuery, MS SQL 2008 and Telerik Reporting Software.

This project was a collaboration with Chris Dickey as the designer, with the software development and database management done by Great Hat Web Design.

Island Ink-Jet

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Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners is Canada's #1 inkjet refilling brand. With locations across Canada, they offer cost saving alternatives for all your printing supply needs.

Island Ink-Jet's website is a custom designed e-commerce website built from the ground up to support some great advanced features. In addition to shopping, you can view information about the company, the environmental impact of printer ink, and you can find a location near you with their excellent store locator.

The website was designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS2 and CS6. The site was developed in Visual Studio 2015 using C#/.NET, JQuery, MS SQL and Telerik Reporting Software.

Pulse Photography

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Teigan Baker is a fantastic photographer for portraits, weddings, and anything else you might want documented forever on film instead of simply in your fleeting and impermanent memory.

This website highlights the excellent photography with dozens of examples in the portfolio, and stunning grey-scale images at the head of every page. Even if you aren't looking for a photographer, take a look at the beautiful photos!

The website was designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6. The site was developed in Visual Studio 2008 using C#/.NET, JQuery, MS SQL 2008 and Telerik Reporting Software.

Mobile Apps

FireSmart Canada Home Assessment

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The FireSmart Canada evaluation app is designed to be used by FireSmart Home Inspector when they are assessing a property for wildfire damage mitigation. The app itself features a login-secured list of assessments and inspections conducted with the device. Completed assessments are submitted to a central server and the client receives a final assessment report via email. Equivalent apps have been created for both Apple iOS and Android, and function well on smartphones as well as tablets of varying sizes. An additional quirk of the system is that it works perfectly off-line when no cellular or wifi data are available.

You can learn more about FireSmart Canada here: www.firesmartcanada.ca

British Columbia Tracking Assocation App

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The British Columbia Tracking Association (BCTA) is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that teaches tracking skills for Search and Rescue throughout BC. The BCTA app is designed as a tool to support instructors and studuents during tracking courses by providing a reference materials, course information, and student evaluation forms. Completed student evaluations are then emailed to students and available online to members, along with certificates and other information.