About Great Hat Web Design

Great Hat Web Design was founded in 2004 on beautiful Vancouver Island. Since that time, the company has been involved in a number of unique and interesting digital projects (you know where to look for some detailed examples).

The focus is now, as it has always been, on effective database-driven websites. Our sites have powered e-commerce operations with inventory control, "gamified" education, wildfire damage mitigation and a host of other applications over many, many years.

The big change in recently years has been the rise of mobile platforms such as smart-phones and tablets. Extra care needs to be taken with websites to ensure they work properly for all visitors!


  • Responsive websites - websites which adjust their size and shape based on the size and shape of the visitor's device. Want to see an example of this, change the size of your browser window and notice how this site changes to adapt.
  • ASP.NET - New or existing websites using Microsoft's ASP.NET platform. Specifically those created using Microsoft's C# programming language.
  • Mobile + Web - Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets make excellent tools for users to input data. The data can then be stored, accessed and utilized via a powerful web-based interface

About Dylan, Developer

In addition to being a talented (and humble) developer, Dylan has a wide variety of seemingly unrelated skills including martial arts, map and compass navigation, man-tracking and model painting.

Dylan began his life of coding young, developing simple games using Visual Basic well before the Internet became the repository of all human knowledge (and cats). As the Internet grew in prominence, Dylan expanded from desktop applications into building websites. This gave him the chance to develop his coding skills from the ground up - rushing to keep pace as the Internet continued to grow and expand in scope and complexity. Dylan's career in website making has seen the rise and fall of animated GIFs, mouse tails, Flash interfaces, splash pages and a million other technologies and trends which have come and gone.

Now days Dylan splits his time between coding at a computer, and traversing the wilderness looking for lost souls as a volunteer with Campbell River Search and Rescue. As a SAR volunteer Dylan is on call 24/7 to assist in the search for missing persons, or the rescue of injured ones.

Some of the things Dylan does in SAR: